What Comes Next: Predictions + Strategy Recommendations from Association Leaders Worldwide

The year 2021 was one marked by recovery and continued disruption. Associations have innovated, collaborated, and learned throughout the process. As 2022 approaches, what’s the outlook for associations globally? In what areas are associations excelling, and in which areas have they continued to lag behind? What key lessons and strategies have emerged? And what must associations be doing now to help ‘save’ their associations and ensure their future success? 

Associations executives worldwide share their views on the state of associations right now, as well as predictions for the future, and strategic growth opportunities for the year ahead.


Join your Host Sarah Sladek, Membership Author and Strategist.

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What Comes Next: U.S. Associations

MichelleMason, FASAE, CAE                 

President and CEO
American Society of Association Executives


What Comes Next: Canadian and United Kingdom Associations

Folkes Hanson, CAE
President and CEO
Canadian Society of Association Executives


Damian Hutt
Executive Director
Association of Association Executives


What Comes Next: Middle East and India Associations

Steen Jakobsen
Executive Committee Member
Dubai Association Centre


Prasant Saha
India Association Congress


What Comes Next: Australasian and Philippine Associations

Toni Brearley, CAE
Australasian Society of Association Executives


Octavio ‘Bobby’ Peralta
Founder & CEO
Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives