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Predictions + Strategy Recommendations from Association Leaders Worldwide

Episode 16 | October 2021

What Comes Next: Predictions + Strategy Recommendations from Association Leaders Worldwide

The year 2021 was one marked by recovery and continued disruption. Associations have innovated, collaborated, and learned throughout the process. As 2022 approaches, what’s the outlook for associations globally? In what areas are associations excelling, and in which areas have they continued to lag? What key lessons and strategies have emerged? And what must associations be doing now to help ‘save’ their associations and ensure their future success? 

Associations executives worldwide share their views on the state of associations right now, as well as predictions for the future, and strategic growth opportunities for the year ahead.

U.S. Associations

Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE
President and CEO
American Society of Association Executives


Canadian and United Kingdom Associations
 Folkes Hanson, CAE
 President and CEO
 Canadian Society of Association Executives
 Damian Hutt
 Executive Director
 Association of Association Executives


Middle East and India Associations

Steen Jakobsen
 Executive Committee Member
 Dubai Association Centre

Prasant Saha
 India Association Congress


Australasian and Philippine Associations

Toni Brearley, CAE
 Australasian Society of Association Executives

Octavio ‘Bobby’ Peralta
 Founder & CEO
Council of Associations and Association Executives





Getting Back to Z: Rebuilding Next-Gen Membership

Episode 15 | September 2021

Getting Back to Z: Rebuilding Next-Gen Membership


Back to school time in 2021 means something different for associations with student chapters. As students return to in-person education after a lengthy pause, associations are challenged to re-engage them and rebuild their pipelines of student members.

Likewise, the transition from college to career has been difficult for Gen Z graduates, many who are struggling to find jobs or training and haven’t engaged in associations.

Learn more about how associations are navigating this challenge and launching creative campaigns and new strategies to engage students and young professionals into membership.


HOST: Sarah Sladek, Membership Author and Strategist.

Engaging Student Members

The Air Cadet League of Canada engages members as young as 12, and the APA has been at the forefront of Gen Z research. Glean valuable insights from their front-seat view of working with the next generation and success engaging large groups of students.


Danielle S. Russell, CAE
 Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
 Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee


Ian D. King, MBA
 Chief of Strategy and Membership
 American Psychological Association


Engaging Student Leaders

ASDA is a student-run association of more than 20,000 members. Learn more about how students have led in this time of disruption, how ASDA has continued to engage members, and what changes the association is preparing for next.


Stephanie Follett
 Director of Strategic Initiatives
 American Student Dental Association

Creating a Future for Students
SNMMI touts a commitment to the next generation, and KDP's vision is to create the future. Learn more about why and how these associations are fulfilling these missions and engaging Gen Z in the process.


Kait Solomon, MPS
 Senior Manager of Membership Engagement
 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging


Chris Beaman, CAE
 Chief Communications and Partnerships Officer
 Kappa Delta Pi


Innovations in Membership

Episode 14 | August 2021

Thu, Aug 12, 2021

When a global pandemic canceled conferences and events, associations had to innovate new, creative ways to engage their members and build community. Entirely new platforms and revenue streams have emerged as well as new ways to boost retention, volunteerism, and leadership.
Learn creative, proven strategies to engage members, and inspire participation and growth.


Sarah Sladek, Membership Author, and Strategist

Aligning Innovation in Membership Strategy
When the pandemic hit, associations of all industries and sizes were brainstorming ways to keep members engaged and deliver value. And for those associations already in the midst of large-scale change, the pandemic threw in a curveball. Hear from two associations that have successfully innovated and kept members engaged during a time of considerable disruption.
Thomas Wojno
Senior Vice President of Innovation and Member Advancement
International Dairy Foods Association
Dennis J. Slater
Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Unique Member Engagement Strategies
When membership began to stagnate, the American Health Law Association and YMCA devised unique strategies to boost recruitment and retention, demonstrate member value, and further relationship-building. Learn about the launch of an eSports initiative and a membership concierge program and their impacts on member engagement.
Jennifer English Lynch, CAE
Member Concierge
American Health Law Association
Chris Berry
District Executive Director
YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

Digital-First Membership Engagement
What does it mean to address member engagement from a virtual-first mindset, and what do associations need to consider when utilizing this strategy? From the creation of entirely new platforms to the revamp of programs and benefits, learn from two associations forging forward with digital experiences and community-building technologies. 
Jennifer Ragan-Fore
Chief Experience Officer
International Society for Technology in Education
Ashley Hodak Sullivan, MBA
Director of Membership and Marketing
National Association of College and University Attorneys


Aligning Innovation in Membership Strategy
Unique Member Engagement Strategies
Digital-First Membership Engagement

Talent Generation: Getting Members
Ready for the Future of Work

Episode 13 | July 2021

Thu, Jul 15, 2021

Future workforce is a hot-button issue in many industries. The lack of incoming talent, coupled with a wave of approaching retirements, and gaps between education preparedness and industry needs, have long been predicted as urgent workforce needs.
Here and now, in the aftermath of the pandemic, work as we previously knew it has changed. Companies are turning to associations for training and guidance and will continue to do so. In fact, associations have the opportunity to become essential providers of professional education, workforce training programs, and advocates for workforce development.
Hear from the associations prioritizing workforce development, job creation, and partnerships with youth and education to better prepare their industries for the future of work.

 Workforce Development and Membership Matters

With millions of job openings in manufacturing, FMA has prioritized workforce development, encouraging students to pursue manufacturing careers through camps and scholarship programs. In addition, FMA's campaign, Membership Matters, is a collective effort to advance manufacturing careers and engage a new generation of talent. Learn more about how the association is advancing its workforce development efforts, both as a member benefit and industry-wide call to action.
Ed Youdell, President and CEO
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International

Workforce Development as Mission

ALLY Energy was founded with a simple but meaningful mission: to establish a diverse and inclusive energy workforce. Since its founding in 2015 under the name Pink Petro, the organization has scaled rapidly, engaging over 75,000 people and working collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Energy and World Economic Forum. Learn more about the association's path to success and how it's generating large-scale participation and influencing widespread change in the energy industry.
Katie Mehnert, CEO
ALLY Energy

Workforce Development in an Era of Change

Championing better work and working lives is the focus of the CIPD. The UK-based association studies workforce trends globally and measures workforce success via its Good Work Index. Recently, workforce development has emerged as an urgent global concern and workplaces are facing more change and transition than ever before. Learn how CIPD continues to engage its 150,000 members globally, and what the association's research reveals about the future of work and workforce development.
David D'Souza, Membership Director
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Be the Change: How and Why Associations are Changing Membership and Revenue Models

Episode 13 | June 2021

Thursday, June 17, 2021 


Blame it on COVID-19. Or globalization. Or changing demographics, economic shifts, increased competition, or rapidly changing technology.
 Whatever the reason, every association executive everywhere is, or will soon, face the need to lead or participate in a strategic change. In some instances, the need for change will be substantial.

 Learn from association executives who are leading a change initiative and glean valuable tips on how to launch a change initiative in your own organization.


Innovating to Engage Members During Crisis

During the pandemic -- a time of great stress and challenge for nurses – the American Nurses Association quickly innovated and launched strategies and deliverables which proved highly successful in recruiting and retaining members. In fact, ANA is receiving a 2021 Gold Circle Award for its virtual summit, plus the Overall Excellence Award for its Member Acquisition COVID Surge. Learn how ANA managed organization-wide, meaningful change which successfully engaged and grew membership.
Steve Fox
 Vice President of Membership and Constituent Relations
 American Nurses Association
Carol Cohen, CAE
 Director, Membership Development
 American Nurses Association

Innovating to Deliver Member Value

Associations are innovating to engage their members in new and different ways. Learn from an association amping up its focus on member benefits and another which is in the process of creating a digital first membership. There’s much to learn from their journeys toward greater relevance, member value, and change.
Molly Soat
 Vice President, Professional Development
 American Marketing Association
Sharon Kneebone
 Executive Director
 National Society for Histotechnology

 Innovating to be Member-Centric

Learn from an association completely revamping its membership model and another that’s been innovating the membership model since its founding. Whether your association is just starting a changemaking process or considers innovation a core value, there’s much to learn from associations representing each stage of the journey.
Mary Lue Peck
 President and CEO
 National Speakers Association
Julian Scadden
 President and CEO
 Nexstar Network


Where Everyone Has a Seat at the Table
Achieving Inclusion in Associations

Episode 12 | May 2021

Planning for Inclusion

Thu, May 20, 2021

As social injustices are further explored and brought to light, associations are contemplating their membership and community-building efforts. In the aftermath of 2020, inclusion is a must-have for membership. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts will play a vital role in how associations engage and represent members, attract talent, and develop brands. 

From the launch of inclusion centers to revamped business plans, learn the strategies six associations have used to successfully launch an inclusion effort, ensuring their organizations are welcoming to, and representative of, the diverse communities they serve.

Planning for Inclusion

Inclusion is not something associations can achieve simply by posting a statement on a website or appointing a committee. Inclusion requires a strategy. Learn how organizations can leverage their plans to measure progress, inspire buy-in, and create meaningful change.

 Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE

 President and CEO
 Association Forum
Patricia Montague, CAE
School Nutrition Association

Advancing Inclusion

The work of inclusion is never done Although a gender and cultural awakening has happened in recent years, each organization continues to innovate and work tirelessly on the advancement of their missions. Learn why and how each association ‘doubled-down’, expanding messaging and outreach to further their inclusive efforts and help members.
Sandra Robert, CAE
Association for Women in Science
Horacio Gavilan
Executive Director
Hispanic Marketing Council

Leading with Inclusion

It takes diversity of all dimensions to create a truly global, inclusive community. From grants to toolkits, training, research, awards, and numerous supporting initiatives, each association has been dedicated to informing their networks of leaders and members on these important topics. Glean valuable ideas and insights from their stories of success.
Katie Johnson
General Counsel and Chief Member Experience Officer

National Association of REALTORS®
Pedro Juan Windsor
Managing Director, ABA Center for Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession
American Bar Association


Must-Have Strategies for
Membership Growth

Episode 11 | April 2021


Thu, Apr 15, 2021


The crises of the past year challenged associations, but some are turning those challenges into opportunities. From renewed focus to the launch of 'must-have' member benefits and team-building strategies, learn how five associations are managing change and keeping their members engaged.


Strategies to Increase Member Value


The pandemic hit small women-owned businesses especially hard, and completely wiped out the event market that professional speakers had previously relied on for income. Learn the support efforts that positively influenced member engagement and drove member value and return on investment to new heights. Discover how they did it and which initiatives yielded the best results.

Rhette Baugman
Chief Revenue Officer
National Speakers Association

Deborah Snyder
National Vice President of Membership
National Association of Women Business Owners


Strategies to Engage Staff, Build Community


When the pandemic began, Mike Moss decided membership growth would become the association's legacy. Under his leadership, tough conversations about what to flip, cancel, or push occured. Dashboards were created, and sprint teams were launched, as well as new member benefits and wellness checks with staff. Mike devised a strategy which simultaneously kept the association's staff and membership community engaged. Learn how he transitioned SCUP from being an association facing significant losses to being an association making significant impact.

Mike Moss
Society of College and University Planning


Strategies to Position for Growth


In 2020, two associations, each founded over 110 years ago, repositioned their brands and missions to respond to market shifts and position their organizations for growth. The plan focuses on expansion via brand amplification, membership growth, and member experiences. Glean valuable insights from these associations investing in large-scale, member-centric change initiatives.

Katie McBreen
Vice President of Communications and Strategy
Consumer Brands Association

Kevin Mayeux
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors


How Associations are Making the
‘Future of Work’ Work

Episode 10 | October 2020

October 20, 2020

In recent months, young adults have experienced a disproportionate share of job loss, and students worldwide are questioning their futures in terms of both college and career. Before the pandemic, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting the workforce, and skills gaps, retirements, employee disengagement, and turnover were on the rise.

Here and now, the need for workforce development is greater than ever, as employers and educators alike realize the urgency of preparing a next-generation workforce. Some associations are already taking urgent steps to manage the fast-evolving crisis of jobs and work. But there is room—and need—for greater focus, speed, boldness, and innovation in this effort. This Save the Associations Summit explores ways in which associations are creating and supporting a next-generation workforce development effort.

These associations are dedicated to jobs creation and skill development for students and young professionals. As a result, they are fast-tracking the economic recovery of their industries, building valuable alliances with educators and youth organizations, and establishing community with the next generation of members.

Driving Change for a Nation’s Education and Workforce

Globally, the number of 16-year-olds getting their drivers license has declined over the past decade. Technology and globalization have influenced changes in mobility, which means less interest in driving, but also less interest in working for the automobile industry. As a result, AIA of Canada has prioritized workforce development, investing in labor market intelligence to accurately assess skill gaps, influence policy development, and curriculum planning. In addition, AIA developed a change maker space, invested in new technology, and became a leading advocate for workforce issues. Learn more about how AIA is driving change to serve members and keep the industry moving forward in an era of unprecedented challenge and change.


Jean-Francois Champagne 


Automotive Industries Association of Canada


Associations Launch Creative Campaigns Meaningful Outreach to Build the Future Workforce

Can you imagine a world without access to water or a city built on the planet Mars? Industry recruitment and retention are essential to the future of trades industries. The shortage of skilled labor has plagued these industries for most of the past decade, and the associations represented on our panel are doing something about it. In their own unique ways, these associations are taking the lead on workforce development, each establishing innovative solutions to drum up awareness, engage and educate young people, and create talent pipelines. Their workforce initiatives have benefited their industries, and also had a positive influence on membership. Learn more about their strategies and successes, as well as their predictions for the future of work.


Erin Volk

Vice President

Workforce and Community Development

Associated General Contractors of California


Lakisha Woods, CAE, CEO

National Institute of Building Sciences


Susan Franceschi

Chief Membership Officer

American Water Works Association


Engaging and Inspiring the Future

More than 65% of accounting firm partners are over the age of 50, and it is estimated 75 percent of today’s CPAs will be retiring in the next 15 years. With stats like that, AICPA -- the world’s largest association representing the accounting profession – could easily feel overwhelmed, but they are fast-tracking innovation and outreach, and staying future-focused. AICPA’s approach is multi-faceted and robust. There is an idea or strategy for associations of all sizes and industries to glean from this interview. Learn how AICPA is influencing future generations via gamification, curriculum development, career resources, peer networks, podcasts, awards programs and scholarships, and much, much more.


Joanne Fiore

Vice-President, Professional Media, Digital Platforms, and Academic and Student Engagement - American Institute of CPAs

How Associations are Engaging Future Members, Leaders and Advocates

Episode 9 | September 2020


September 15, 2020

Generation Z may be young, but Generation Z has rocked the world with their activism around racial injustice, gun control, immigration reform, and climate change. They are tackling global-scale challenges head on, and their political clout will continue to grow steadily in the coming years as more of them reach voting age. What does the arrival of Gen Z mean for the future of associations, and what do associations need to do to engage them?


This summit will explore the many ways associations are innovating to keep students involved in a time of pandemic. Learn best practices from associations on the front line of student membership outreach, recruitment, and retention. This summit’s line-up includes young association leaders and experienced leaders, all with an impressive track record for next-gen engagement.


Gain valuable insight into how younger generations engage with and learn about the world around them, what inspires them, how they advocate, and what they expect from a membership in your association.

Best Practices in Youth Engagement

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt walked into the United Nation Association of the USA office and offered to build the association’s national membership. Today, the association boasts 20,000 members and more than 200 chapters across the country.


With 60% of its membership under the age of 26, the association knows what it takes to engage younger generations. Discover best practices in youth engagement and membership retention during a time of crisis.


Anna Mahalak

Youth Engagement Manager

United Nations Association of the United States

How to Increase Student Membership and Advocacy

When the pandemic hit, community-building among student chapters and student-led associations shifted dramatically. Not only did students lose their connection to classroom education, they also lost their connections to peers, prospective employers, internships, and job training via associations.


Student-led associations and associations with extensive student chapter programs are working diligently to find new ways to engage with and help young members. Learn more about what they’re creating, what they predict the future will bring, and their advice for what associations need to do now to keep student members engaged.


Jamie Thayer Scates


American Medical Student Association


Leslie Payne

Director of Student and Younger Member Programs

American Society of Civil Engineers


Sarah Weber

Director of Workforce Development & Student Chapters

National Association of Home Builders


The Future of Associations and Advocacy

Inspired by the belief that young people can solve the greatest problems of our time, Ben Brown started the Association of Young Americans, a non-partisan membership-based organization lobbying to “insert the voices of the 80 million Americans ages 18 to 35 into everyday politics”. In this interview, Ben shares valuable insights and predictions about member engagement, advocacy, and the future of associations.


Ben Brown

Founder and CEO

Association of Young Americans


Engaging Students as Leaders and Members

The National Student Council and National Honor Society are two student organizations housed under the National Association of Secondary School Principals. The Ohio Society of CPAs has a robust student outreach effort and is one of few associations to both offer a high school membership and host career events targeted toward high school students.


Discover what NASSP and OSCPA are doing to maintain programs and services for high school students and sustain their outreach during a time of unprecedented disruption. In addition, gain an insider's perspective into the emerging workforce's values and behaviors -- how they lead and volunteer, how to engage their participation, and why their leadership has the potential to disrupt and influence change unlike any other generation that has come before them.


Scott Wiley, CAE

President and CEO

Ohio Society of CPAs


Nara Lee

Director, Student Leadership

National Honor Society and National Student Council

National Association of Secondary School Principals

How Associations are Contributing to the Overhaul of the American Education System

Episode 8 | July 2020

August 4, 2020

The United Nations described the global scale and pace of education disruption from COVID-19 as unparalleled. When widespread school closings led to more than one billion students being out of school worldwide, the pandemic challenged education officials to re-examine the success of existing educational structures and systems. Months later, the future of education remains influx as schools rush to re-open, rethink traditional learning models, and rapidly build, test and pilot new structures to accommodate a completely different reality

In this summit, we’ll hear from associations representing various roles and levels of education sharing how they’ve managed crisis, supported members, and influenced widespread change. Whether you are an association executive, business professional, or the parent of a student, there are valuable insights to gain from these leaders about the future of education and work, innovation, crisis management, and community-building.


Leading Through Crisis

Most school administrators weren’t trained to run a district or school under quarantine – and the associations representing those administrators weren’t prepared for a pandemic, either. Virtually overnight these associations had to transform into being the go-to resource for emergency management and crisis planning for schools nationwide. This required the launch of entirely new initiatives, platforms, and task forces to ensure administrators were receiving the latest information and best practices for handling a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Some of the nation’s largest school administration associations share insights into how they’ve led and innovated in a time of uncertainty, as well as what they’ve done to keep members engaged.


Dan Domenech

Executive Director

AASA: The School Superintendents Association


Dr. L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE

Executive Director

National Association of Elementary School Principals


Bob Farrace, CAE

Director, Public Affairs

National Association of Secondary School Principals


Supporting Others During Crisis

In the past, schools have offered classes and counseling to help students cope with disasters. When the pandemic hit, support had to be delivered virtually. School closures led to widespread concerns about isolation and loneliness, which affect a student’s ability to learn and cope with change and crisis. Anxiety and depression were already on the rise among Generation Z, and the pandemic’s arrival is believed to have accelerated these conditions considerably.

The American School Counselor Association, which serves counselors working with elementary to college students, has been responsive to this situation as well as the racial unrest, developing resources and support systems. Learn more about their community-building and outreach efforts and hear predictions for how this experience is likely to change the future of education and the student experience.


Richard Wong, EdD

Executive Director

American School Counselor Association


Working Through Crisis

From the business perspective of running a higher ed institution, making decisions during the pandemic has proven incredibly difficult. COVID-19 has affected every campus function, department, and operation, completely disrupting the entire business and financial model and workforce.

Associations have been busy pulling together critical resources and updates that specifically address college and university business office operations and responses to disruptions including but not limited to response planning, risk management, safety procedures, endowment values, finances and recovery options, employee engagement, and team management.

Hear from two influential association leaders who are contemplating not just the future of education, but the future of work in higher ed. Learn key insights related to workforce development, preparedness, and crisis planning.


Susan Johnston, PhD

President and CEO

National Association of College and University Business Officers


Mike Moss, CAE


Society of College and University Planners


Leveraging Growth During Crisis

Unlike most industries and associations, ISTE is actually experiencing more growth and opportunity as a result of the pandemic. As a community of educators investing in or exploring the use of technology, ISTE was already supporting educators in how to apply effective learning strategies and experiences via technology. The situation has opened up new challenges for the association in terms of managing growth and leveraging opportunity to respond to a growing and urgent global need.

Gain some perspective into how technology will continue to influence education and the training of our future workforce, as well as insights into how an organization can successfully leverage the crisis and rethink status quo.

Open For Business: How Associations Are Helping Members Navigate a New Norm

Episode 7 | June 2020


June 23, 2020


Panel #1: Helping North America’s Businesses Combat Crisis: A National Chamber of Commerce Leadership Discussion

Representing more than 3.2 million businesses combined, the U.S. Chamber and Canadian Chamber of Commerce are the largest and most influential business associations in North America. Each entity will share what they’re doing to serve members, help businesses endure financial hardships, and ensure all return to work in a safe and sustainable way.


Neil Bradley

Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Ian Faris

Senior Vice President, Chamber Network Relations & Advocacy

Canadian Chamber of Commerce


Panel #2: The Revival of Retail: Executives of the Largest Retail Associations Discuss the Future

Executives of two of the largest retail industry associations in the world discuss how the industry has responded to recent challenges, and how their associations are serving members and bringing communities together to address serious issues and bolster economies.


Matthew Shay

President and CEO

National Retail Federation


Christian Verschueren




Spotlight Interview: Setting Global Protocols for the New Normal: Spotlight Interview with World Travel & Tourism Council

The World Travel and Tourism Council represents the global private sector of travel and tourism and works with governments to raise awareness about the industry and ensure the sector is seamless, secure, safe, inclusive and sustainable. Learn how this association is leading the crisis readiness, resilience, and sustainability efforts of the entire travel industry.


Helena Bononi

Commercial Vice President

World Travel and Tourism Council


Panel #3: Reopening and Recovery of the Hospitality Industry: Industry Associations Share Strategies for Member Engagement, Resilience


The hospitality industry has suffered the most significant sales and job losses since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Associations in this sector have been challenged to ensure their members have the latest and best information and industry-specific guidance to allow for a safe reopening. Here’s how two industries are ensuring members are prepared for life after lockdown.


Suzanne Bohle

Executive Vice President

Council of State Restaurant Associations


Responding to Members in a Time of Global Crisis: U.S. Associations

Episode 6 | May 2020


A web-based conference -- featuring a special interview with Susan Robertson, CEO of ASAE, and two panel discussions with associations who are responding to COVID-19 with an exceptional commitment to their members. This Save the Associations Summit is a free virtual conference giving association professionals from all over the world the opportunity to learn best practices and engage in meaningful conversations around crisis management.

Responding to Members in a Time of Global Crisis: Associations Worldwide

Episode 5 | May 2020

This Save the Associations Global Summit is a free virtual conference giving association professionals from all over the world the opportunity to learn best practices and engage in meaningful conversations around crisis management. The interviews are pre-recorded, so panelists can participate live during the broadcast, engaging with event attendees and answering their questions via an interactive chat window. All event attendees can communicate with other attendees through the chat feature, as well.

Why They

Episode 4 | December 2019


In this episode of Save the Associations, Sarah Sladek invites Tom Wojno, SR. VP, Innovation & Member Advancement - International Dairy Foods Association and Lakisha Woods, CEO - National Institute of Building Sciences to share their stories on working in the association community, what drives them, and will leave you with tools that you can use to engage and retain the next generation in your workforce.

Changing an
Association’s Culture

Episode 3 | November 2019


In this episode of Save the Associations, Sarah Sladek invites Jessica Scheyder, Director of Training - American Traffic Safety Services Association to share how ATSSA has taken great strides to improve their internal culture to coincide with the structural changes that are taking place.

Making Successful
Association-Wide Change

Episode 2 | November 19, 2019


In this episode of Save the Associations, Sarah Sladek invites Deborah Curry, President and CEO of FICPA – Florida Institute of CPAs to discuss how their association has positioned itself to engage the next generation of CPAs.

Better Make Room
A Young Association Professionals Panel

Episode 1 | October 22, 2019

In this episode of Save the Associations, Sarah Sladek invites Jessica Scheyder – Director of Training of American Traffic Safety Services Association, Stefanie Reeves – Executive Director of the Maryland Psychological Association, and Chris Beaman – Director of Advancement and Communications of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society to discuss their ideas and advice on inclusion, engagement, and culture.