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Open For Business

How Associations Are Helping Members Navigate a New Norm

Save the Associations Summit: June 2020

Open for Business is the third in a series of summits exploring the association response to the global pandemic.

In this summit, executives of leading business, retail, hospitality, and tourism associations share the challenges their industries have faced in the process of closing down and re-opening of businesses globally, and how their associations evolved to respond to changing market needs.

This is an opportunity for membership professionals to learn best practices from their peers on topics related to change management, membership growth, innovation, relevance, trends, and strategic planning.

Save the Associations is a series founded by Sarah Sladek, a renowned ASAE author, membership strategist, and futurist. Her shows feature the insights and expertise of prominent association leaders who are leading a change or recommending ways in which associations can stay future-focused, relevant in a disruptive marketplace, and responsive to changing member needs.

Speakers & Topics

Helping North America’s Businesses Combat Crisis: A National Chamber of Commerce Leadership Discussion

Representing more than 3.2 million businesses combined, the U.S. Chamber and Canadian Chamber of Commerce are the largest and most influential business associations in North America. Each entity will share what they’re doing to serve members, help businesses endure financial hardships, and ensure all return to work in a safe and sustainable way.


Neil Bradley

Neil Bradley
Executive Vice President and
Chief Policy Officer
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Ian Faris

Ian Faris
Senior Vice President
Chamber Network Relations & Advocacy
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Helena Bononi

Exclusive Interview

Setting Global Protocols for the New Normal: Spotlight Interview with World Travel & Tourism Council

Helena Bononi
Commercial Vice President
World Travel and Tourism Council

The World Travel and Tourism Council represents the global private sectorof travel and tourism and works with governments to raise awareness aboutthe industry and ensure the sector is seamless, secure, safe, inclusive and sustainable. Learn how this association is leading the crisis readiness, resilience, and sustainability efforts of the entire travel industry.

The Revival of Retail: Executives of the Largest Retail Associations Discuss the Future

Executives of two of the largest retail industry associations in the world discuss how the industry has responded to recent challenges, and how their associations are serving members and bringing communities together to address serious issues and bolster economies.


Matthew Shay

Matthew Shay
President and CEO
National Retail Federation

Christian Verschueren

Christian Verschueren

Suzanne Bohle

Reopening of Restaurants: Spotlight Interview with Council for State Restaurant Associations

Suzanne Bohle
Executive Vice President
Council of State Restaurant Associations

The restaurant industry has suffered significant losses since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Associations in this sector have been challenged to ensure their members have the latest and best information and industry-specific guidance to allow for a safe reopening. Here’s how 52 state associations are helping restaurants nationwide safely open their businesses and serve customers.

Meet Your Host

The show is hosted by Sarah Sladek, a renowned membership growth strategist and futurist who has authored three books for ASAE and consulted with associations globally on cultivating the culture, processes, and value proposition needed to engage the next generation of members and remain competitive and relevant in a changing marketplace.


Save the Associations Webshow

This is a web show featuring interviews with association leaders who areleading and inspiring change initiatives to better serve their members. Research indicates the majority of associations have been observingflat or declining membership for the past decade. Yet, in this era of unprecedented disruption, there are association leaders who have risen to theoccasion, making radical changes to ‘save’ their associations from decline.  

These are their stories of success.