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Where Everyone Has a Seat at the Table: Achieving Inclusion in Associations

As social injustices are further explored and brought to light, associations are contemplating their membership and community-building efforts. In the aftermath of 2020, inclusion is a must-have for membership. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts will play a vital role in how associations engage and represent members, attract talent, and develop brands.

From the launch of inclusion centers to revamped business plans, learn the strategies six associations have used to successfully launch an inclusion effort, ensuring their organizations are welcoming to, and representative of, the diverse communities they serve.


Planning for Inclusion
Inclusion is not something associations can achieve simply by posting a statement on a website or appointing a committee. Inclusion requires a strategy. Inclusion is a fundamental element in the School Nutrition Association’s multi-year strategic plan and since 2015, the Association Forum has implemented a Welcoming Environment (WE) Business Plan. Learn how these organizations leveraged their plans to measure progress, inspire buy-in, and create meaningful change.

Michelle Mason
President and CEO
Association Forum

Patricia Montague, CAE
School Nutrition Association


Advancing Inclusion
The work of inclusion is never done. For 50 years, the Association for Women in Science has advocated for gender equity. For nearly 25 years, the Hispanic Marketing Council has advocated in corporate boardrooms for increased investment in Hispanic marketing strategies. Although a gender and cultural awakening has happened in recent years, each organization continues to innovate and work tirelessly on the advancement of their missions. Learn why and how each association ‘doubled-down’, expanding messaging and outreach to further their inclusive efforts and help members.

Sandra Robert, CAE
Association for Women in Science

Horacio Gavilan
Executive Director
Hispanic Marketing Council

Leading with Inclusion
It takes diversity of all dimensions to create a truly global, inclusive community. Two of the largest associations in the United States, the National Association of REALTORS® and the American Bar Association, have launched robust initiatives to educate stakeholders on the issues of diversity and inclusion. From grants to toolkits, training, research, awards, and numerous supporting initiatives, each association has been dedicated to informing their networks of leaders and members on these important topics. Glean valuable ideas and insights from their stories of success.

Katie Johnson
General Counsel and Chief Member Experience Officer
National Association of REALTORS®

Pedro Juan Windsor
Managing Director, ABA Center for Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession
American Bar Association



  • Planning for Inclusion
  • Advancing Inclusion
  • Leading with Inclusion


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