Save the Associations | Global Virtual Summit Replay

Given the current state of the world, we're hosting a LIVE virtual summit

This Save the Associations Global Summit is a free virtual conference giving association professionals from all over the world the opportunity to learn best practices and engage in meaningful conversations around crisis management. The interviews are pre-recorded, so panelists can participate live during the broadcast, engaging with event attendees and answering their questions via an interactive chat window. All event attendees can communicate with other attendees through the chat feature, as well.

Post-event, the Summit recording will be available, as well as other episodes of Save the Associations.

Canada Speakers & Topic

Healthcare Associations in Canada: How Collaboration is Changing the Future of Healthcare

The pandemic has challenged healthcare providers globally as they strive to keep pace with increased demands for emergency care. Canada has faced severe shortages in PPE (personal protective equipment) and associations were already concerned about physician health and burnout before the pandemic started. How are Canada’s healthcare associations helping their members in this time of crisis? Through new alliances and unprecedented nationwide collaboration, associations are innovating and finding new solutions to the crisis. In this panel discussion, three healthcare association executives share how they have successfully managed widespread change initiatives, remained responsive to member needs, and how they’re combined efforts are changing the future of healthcare.



Tim Smith
Canadian Medical Association


John Van Aerde
Executive Medical Director
Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

Dr. Francine Lemire
Executive Director and CEO,
College of Family Physicians of Canada

Dr. Francine Lemire
Executive Director and CEO
College of Family Physicians of Canada

Domenico Campogrande

Domenico Campogrande
Director General
European Construction
Industry Federation

Exclusive Interview

Construction Associations in Europe

How associations are leading through crisis and managing change

Construction is an industry that influences every sector of every community, and the industry is projecting significant job and revenue losses over the course of the next year. The sector’s losses will have widespread economic impact and raises many questions and concerns about the future. The European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) oversees 32 construction member federations in 28 European countries, providing a birds-eye view into the industry’s trends, challenges, and untapped opportunities. When uncertainty is prevalent, what role should associations play to ensure the success of their members, industry, and association? In this exclusive interview, FIEC’s leader shares strategic insights to these questions and more.

Tourism and Business Associations in Australia

How associations are managing risk and planning for the future

According to research, Australia's tourism and business industries have been hit especially hard by the virus. How are the country's associations supporting, innovating, and planning for the future of these influential industries? Representatives of two of the country’s largest associations share their perspectives and strategies for leading in a time of change.


Peter Shelley

Peter Shelley
Managing Director
Australian Tourism Export Council

Charles Cameron

Charles Cameron, CEO
Recruitment, Consulting,
and Staffing Association

Global Association Societies

The Future of Membership Worldwide

For the first time in history, associations worldwide are experiencing a shared global experience and a shared existence via technology. What does this mean for the future of associations? Association society leaders representing Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia share their observations and offer up some predictions for how this experience is likely to influence the future of associations and the future of membership.


Toni Brearley

Toni Brearley, CEO
Australasian Society
of Association Executives

Steen Jakobsen

Steen Jakobsen
Executive Committee
Dubai Association Centre

Annemiek Wissink

Annemiek Wissink
De Nederlandse Associatie

Damian Hutt

Damian Hutt
Executive Director
Association of Association Executives

Meet Your Host

The show is hosted by Sarah Sladek, a renowned membership growth strategist and futurist who has authored three books for ASAE and consulted with associations globally on cultivating the culture, processes, and value proposition needed to engage the next generation of members and remain competitive and relevant in a changing marketplace.


Save the Associations Webshow

This is a web show featuring interviews with association leaders who areleading and inspiring change initiatives to better serve their members. Research indicates the majority of associations have been observingflat or declining membership for the past decade. Yet, in this era of unprecedented disruption, there are association leaders who have risen to theoccasion, making radical changes to ‘save’ their associations from decline. 

These are their stories of success.