Global Summit Videos

Episode #4 – Canada Speakers & Topic

Healthcare Associations in Canada: How Collaboration is Changing the Future of Healthcare

Interview panel with Tim Smith, CEO, Canadian Medical Association, John Van Aerde, Executive Medical Director, Canadian Society of Physician Leaders and Dr. Francine Lemire, Executive Director and CEO, College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Episode #5 – Exclusive Interview with Domenico Campogrande, Director General, European Construction Industry Federation

Construction Associations in Europe How associations are leading through crisis and managing change.

Episode #6 – Tourism and Business Associations in Australia

How associations are managing risk and planning for the future

Interview panel with Peter Shelley, Managing Director, Australian Tourism Export Council and Charles Cameron, CEO, Recruitment, Consulting, and Staffing Association.

Episode #7 – The Future of Membership Worldwide

Interview panel with Toni Brearley, CEO, Australasian Society of Association Executives, Steen Jakobsen, Executive Committee, Dubai Association Centre, Annemiek Wissink, Director De Nederlandse Associatie and Damian Hutt, Executive Director, Association of Association Executives.